Broken lease?

If you left a balance owed to an apartment complex, most apartments will count that as a broken lease.   Some renters have this issue and are not aware.  The following are some of the most common ways in which you can get a broken lease.

  • The first is the rent was not paid and the apartment was vacated before your agreement was completed.
  • Another way is you did not give proper notice to the apartment.  Most San Antonio apartments require a 30 to 60 day notice. If you don’t do that they may put that on your rental history.

  • The third way to get a broken lease is the apartment was not cleaned to the standards of the apartment complex.  Sometimes we are in a rush and we forget items or forget to clean certain parts of the apartments.  One suggestion is to ask one of the leasing consultants to walk your apartment a few days before you leave.   This way if the leasing consultant has any suggestions, you can do what she says.  If you decide not to follow here advice at least you know where you fell short if there are any fees added to your final bill.
  • The last one I will discuss is not leaving a forwarding address.  If there balance that is not paid, you may get an unexpected surprise.  This is the broken lease that is the easiest to deal with, but many renters are upset because they were not not aware this debt was on their rental history.

If you owe funds to an apartment complex, it is important to get the debt paid. Also, keep the documentation and save it in your computer and a couple of other places just in case.

In San Antonio, Texas if you have broken lease it will be a bit challenging to find an apartment on your own.  If you owe property money some San Antonio apartments may not work with you or ask for a risk fee or an additional deposit.  Some deposits could be equal to one month’s rent depending on the age of the broken lease and the apartment complexes policies. So avoid broken leases.

Bucks to Move Apartment locating can help you with your San Antonio apartment search.  We have an inventory of San Antonio apartments that work with broken leases.  All San Antonio apartments have different policies and everyone’s situation is unique.  If you have a broken lease you will want to meet with one of our professionals.

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