San Antonio apartment floor plans

When we are helping a customer look for a San Antonio apartment, we are asked for a type of floor plan.  At times renters are not sure of the type of floor plan, and we are asking more questions to get a better idea.   The two floor plans that people confuse most often are lofts and town homes.  The renter can describe some characteristics but is not quite sure.  The following are some of the more popular San Antonio floor plans that cause a bit of confusion; these are lofts, town home, studios and split level apartments.

What is a loft?

 A loft is an apartment with high ceilings that has a partial second floor.  The apartment has a half wall and gives it a balcony feel.  The apartments generally give the illusion of having more space.  On the other hand, having a half wall upstairs eliminates the option of blocking out sound or having a bit of privacy.

San Antonio apartments loft floor plan

What is a town home?

A town home is a two story apartment.  In this floor plan you have the entire second floor and there are rooms upstairs that have walls and doors. One of the main perks of having this type of floor plan is that in most cases you don’t have an upstairs neighbor. This is a very popular floor plan in San Antonio.

San Antonio apartments townhome floor plan

What is a Studio or efficiency apartment?

Studio and efficiency apartments for the most part in San Antonio is used interchangeably.  This is a small apartment.  Usually these apartments don’t have a living room or a dining area.  You only have a bedroom. These apartments have a very small restroom and a very small kitchen.   The upside is that these apartments are very inexpensive.

San Antonio apartments efficiency studio floorplan







What is a Split level apartment?

A split level apartment has an area of the apartment that is a bit elevated.  Usually it is about a three to six steps.  In most cases used to give a division between bedrooms and the living and dining areas.  Great looking floor plan.

San Antonio apartments split level floor plan








These are the more common San Antonio apartment floor plans.   If your thinking of moving to San Antonio and need an apartment, consider using an apartment locator.  We are a free service and we will make your apartment finding experience a pleasant one.  Call us today and we will  help you find your next San Antonio Apartment.

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