San Antonio Apartment Locators

What are San Antonio Apartment locators?  We are real estate agents that focus on the apartment rental market.  Just call us and tell us what type of apartment you want, what area you want to live in, and what is your budget.  Your apartment locator will then ask you questions that San Antonio Apartments generally ask to minimize the risk of being denied.  Once we narrowed the list inform you of the San Antonio apartment’s move in specials, policies and availability.

Why use a San Antonio Apartment Locators?

Apartment locators are a free apartment finding service that will save you time, money and frustration. We save you time by staying up to date with the latest trends.  Apartments send us their floor-plans, availability and move in specials daily to keep us up to date. We have a state-of-the-art database to assist us in finding you the best option.  Furthermore, we call the apartment before you visit so you don’t waste any time.  Using us saves you money by not requesting days off from your job to take care of finding your next apartment. Also, if you have submitted your notice to vacate and don’t do it by the time agreed on, you will accrue fees.   Finally, we will minimize your level of frustration.  We will inform you of their policies so you have a good idea of what fees to expect.  Whether they work with any broken leases or evictions, do the work with pets, or other credit blemishes.

Who needs a San Antonio Apartment locator?

Most people who are looking for an apartment would benefit greatly from our service.  You may be new in town and don’t know San Antonio.  If you work too many hours and you have a short window to tour, you need help narrowing the apt list.  Another reason is you are new to an area and don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

What can San Antonio apartment Locators do for us?

We will do the legwork for you.  We will find the San Antonio apartment that will match what you are looking for.  Whether price, area, move in specials or amenities, we will find it.  We are equipped with a state-of-the-art data base that will make the process fast and easy. We work in most of San Antonio like the medical center, UTSA, Downtown, stone oak, Sea World area, Randolph AFB and Fort Sam, just to name  a few. So don’t hesitate, call your San Antonio apartment locators today.

Why not use the internet?

Using the internet is good, but there are so many choices that it can easily become overwhelming.  Spending hours online apartment hunting, then reading all the apartment reviews, who has time.  Also, prices and availability changes fast and you may find that the information on-line maybe outdated.  Using a San Antonio apartment locator will make things easy because we will narrow the search by area, price, schools, amenities and many others ways to make a list of hundreds into a manageable size list.  Furthermore, we call the apartments to verify that the information is current before you make the drive.

I need a San Antonio apartment now.  Can you help me?  Yes!

  • To expedite the process make sure you bring your ID.  In most cases the apartments will not show an apartment without a state or military ID.
  • Have a month’s worth of pay check stubs.  San Antonio apartment will want to verify income and if you have that it will make it easier.  If you are new to the San Antonio area bring an offer letter from your new employer.
  • The last item is to have the contact information of previous landlords and employers.  Most San Antonio Apartments will still want to make contact and having this information handy will make it faster.  Also, let the employer and landlord know that they will be contacted.

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