How do apartments verify income?  There are four common ways apartments verify income.  Some are easier and faster than others.  Not all apartments use these methods but they are the ones I commonly run into in San Antonio Texas.

Apartments verify income with Check Stubs

One of the most common and fastest way the Apartments verify income is with check stubs.  If you are looking for an apartment, have the one to two months’ worth of paystubs handy.  In most cases, it seems that paystubs are the apartments preferred document to verify your income.  In general, the apartments will use the gross income to make the determination of whether you do or don’t qualify for the monthly rent.

Apartments verify income with an Offer Letter

Second way apartments verify income would be an offer letter.  An offer letter with a letter of acceptance of the position would be great.  The apartments generally prefer that the offer letter is on company letterhead and has all contact information.  The letter must have the position, pay, level of compensation, and start date.  Keep in mind some apartments don’t like to see long gaps in employment so bring your previous jobs paystubs just in case.

Apartments verify income with Tax Forms

Apartments can also verify your income by using this year’s tax forms.  If you have your own business this may the way you have to do it.  In most cases, it needs to be the most current year available.  This means if it is January 2019 they want to see 2017 taxes, but if it is May 2019 they want to see 2018 tax forms.  Also, they are going to use the amount after you have deducted all business expenses.  Furthermore, they may require supporting documentation such as bank statements for two or three months to make sure things have not dramatically changed.

Apartments verify income with Notarized Letter

If you work for an individual a notarized may be the way to go.  Very few apartments will accept this proof of income so if you plan to go this route you want to ask how they want the letter.  In some cases, a typed letter is okay but some apartments want it on letterhead also.  Most apartments that accept this will also want supporting documentation such as bank statements.

No matter How the Apartments Verify Income, make sure you have your supporting documentation.  If you work for a company have the contact information.  Let them know that you are looking for a place to live so they know that they will be contacted.   Apartments verifying your income may sound like an inconvenience but it is there to protect both parties.

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