Finding a cheap apartment in San Antonio has gotten increasingly harder. Spending hours online, driving from apartment to apartment is exhausting. You may find yourself wondering if it’s just not worth the effort. Here are a few helpful tips that will make your search easier when you visit the apartments.

What is your budget?

Most apartments will ask that your income is three times the rental amount. Before you start looking, figure out what your gross monthly income and divide this by three. In most cases that is what the apartments will use to see if you qualify to live in that apartment.


Whatever side of town you choose, you want to visit go to an area where there is a high concentration of apartment complexes. Apartments are trying to keep their units filled so they will be very competitive. On the other hand, if there are apartments that are too far from major stores you may find a great deal there. Generally, these are new apartments and they will offer great incentives to attract new renters. In both cases you will get the best bang for the buck.


Most new apartments will have great amenities and you will pay a premium for that. If amenities are not important there are older apartments that have fewer amenities and the price will be cheaper. Also, there are some apartments that will be less expensive depending on what floor you’re on. Some places are trying to sell the beautiful view on the top floor, and some places are trying to sell the convenience and accessibility of the first floor. Ask if there difference in price in regards to the floor. Whatever amenity you choose to do without make sure it is not going to be a big deal.

Sign a Longer lease

Signing a longer lease will benefit you tremendously. Generally speaking, the longer the lease the cheaper the apartment rent. One to three-month leases are pricey and there will be at least a $100.00 upcharge to your rent. Six to ten-month leases in some cases don’t go up in rent but you will not qualify for any incentives or move in specials. Twelve to eighteen-month leases are where you get the best deals and you get to keep the reduced rent a bit longer.


Don’t be embarrassed to ask about incentives. The worse they can do is tell you no. Ask about student discounts, Military discounts, preferred employer discounts. Is there a Move in Special, reduced rents, or reduced deposits? Is this a look and lease special and if when does the special expire?

Cheap Apartments

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