Pet-Friendly apartments are not very easy to come by. Apartments asking for deposits is very common but it seems that the cost of keeping a pet has climbed. Most apartments will ask many questions about the pet but the most common ones are, “How much does your pet weight?” and “What is your dogs breed?”. Here are a few tips to prepare you for the questions you might receive and the potential cost of keeping a pet in Pet-friendly Apartments complex.
In most cases, dogs seem to get a bad rap. There is where you get the majority of the issues. They want to know how big the dog is and what kind of dog it is. If you have a dog over 60 pounds many places will not accept it. If you have a dog that is considered an aggressive breed many places won’t accept it either. There are properties that will accept the big or aggressive breed dog but there is generally a deposit or a fee associated with this. The cost of having a pet varies from property to property. Most pet deposits start at about $200.00 and go up from there. If you return the apartment in the same condition you got it you should get the deposit back. Other properties have a pet fee. Pet fees are not refundable. Make sure you know if you are paying a deposit or a fee.
Cats and small dogs are so much easier to deal with. Most apartments won’t have an issue with them but you still have to pay the deposit or fee.

News regarding pets

Pet-friendly apartments are now charging pet rent. Yes, there is such a thing as pet rent. Again, it varies from apartment to apartment but it starts at about $5.00 per pet per month.

Is there a way to not pay these or deposits fees?

Yes, if you have a pet because of a medical reason you don’t have to pay fees, deposits, or pet rents. These pets are called service animals. You need documentation from your doctor that states you need this pet with you.

Birds, fish, and small animals such as hamsters are generally not a big deal. They may ask for a small deposit but it won’t be very big, especially if they are always in a cage or aquarium. Some places will not accept animals that are considered exotic like snakes, lizards or big cats. If you have that as a pet make sure you ask and read the pet policy before you sign the lease.

Apartment Locators

If you are having trouble finding a pet-friendly apartment give us a call. Let your apartment locator know what kind of pet, how big, and we will help you. Don’t waste your time going to places that are not going to work with your pet.

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