Looking for a new San Antonio Apartment?  Moving day has a tendency to be very busy and exciting, but can be a bit chaotic.  Here are a few tips before searching to a new apartment to help prepare for the up and coming move.

Give proper notice

Moving out of your apartment?  Makes sure you give your apartment notice to vacate.  Read your contract and verify how many days notice you need to give.  Most apartments ask for 30 days notice but there are some that have started implementing the 60 days notice and even 90 days notice.  Once you know how much notice to give your apartment, put this on your calendar.  Send yourself an electronic reminder a week before your notice is due so you submit it on time.  When you give your notice in writing ask a representative if they can sign it and keep a copy.  Also, make sure you give a forwarding address to the apartment your are vacating.  You want the apartment complex to be able to reach you in case you have an outstanding balance for any reason.  Remember most apartments consider money owed to an apartment a broken lease, so make sure this is taken care of to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Start looking for boxes a few weeks prior to your move.  Local grocery stores may be able to give you some.  Try to keep boxes small enough for one person to be able to carry.  You also want to make the box manageable and easy to carry.  Make sure you label or inventory what kind of stuff is in each box so you don’t break your belongings.  Also, label what room the box will be placed at so you and the people assisting you know where to place the boxes.  This will help you find things easier and faster while you are working on settling into your new apartment.

Get Rid of Items you don’t Want

Start looking for things that are no longer useful to you.  You can donate your gently used items and lower your work load and the cost of moving things that are no longer of use to you.  Also, you can sell some of these items and you can use the funds to assist to lower the cost of your move.

Make sure the apartment is clean.

Clean the apartment to the best of your ability.  Ask a representative of the apartment to walk the apartment with you.  Ask them if there is anything else, they suggest that you did not think of having cleaned.  You want to make sure that everything is done to the best of your ability. You want to get your deposit and make sure that there are no cleaning fees added to your bill when you move out.  Also, check the cabinets so you don’t forget any personal items. Once the keys have been turned in the apartment complex will dispose of everything found in the apartment and might charge a fee for this. Remember any property debt is considered a broken lease to an apartment so if there is a balance make sure it is payed in a timely manner. 

Important documents

Make sure that important documents are in a safe place and you know where to find them.  If you are moving out of town make sure that you can access this information fast and easy.  You can place these items in the glove compartment of your car or in the very back of the moving truck.  Also, take pictures of these documents just in case you are having trouble finding them when you need them.  Apartment need you to provide them with information such as, offer letters, proof of income, driver’s license, previous landlords phone number and things like that.


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