Few things are more irritating than to not get your security deposit from your apartment. Although, getting your deposit may feel like it’s too difficult, there are a few ways increase your odds on getting your deposit.  Here are some Tips on getting my deposit.

Getting your deposit begins when you move in your Apartment

When you move in, you are given a form that documents in what condition you got the apartment. Usually, they give this form to you when you get the apartment key. Some apartments will give you the mail key when you turn in the form. Be very thorough. This form will ask you questions about walls, floors, light fixtures. If you see a scratch, stain, or anything else, notate that on the form. You don’t want to take responsibility for someone else’s carelessness.

Also, fill out this form before you move your furniture into the apartment. Don’t put your couch in the apartment covering a stain on the floor or wall and you did not document it because your couch is in the way. Do this during the day when it is well lit.

Finally, take pictures of the apartment. You want to make sure you have documentation regarding the items you are talking about. You can email them to yourself so that way you have access to that if your computer ever breaks. If you find that something is not in working order just notate it and let the leasing office know. You will have to fill out a work order and the will fix it ASAP. Don’t wait to get these things addressed. The soon you tell the apartment complex the sooner they can address what needs to be fixed.

Decorating your apartment

We all love to hang pictures and add our personal touches to our apartment. Take precautions when you move in. Hang small stuff on the wall that can be supported by removable hooks and putty. Try not to nail or screw things to the wall. If the apartment has to fix things like that they may come out of your deposit. Also, ask about accent walls. Some apartments are okay with this so long and it is done neatly. However, some apartments will ask you to paint it back to its original color or deduct it from your deposit.

Clean your apartment

When your lease is over and you’re ready to move out, clean the apartment thoroughly. Remember you want to return the apartment in the same condition you received it. You have the form that you fill out at the beginning of your lease and you have pictures you can use as a reference. Do your absolute best at cleaning this apartment.

Quick reminder sometimes out of sight is out of mind. Make sure you clean inside your refrigerator, oven, and cabinets. The apartments will deduct from your deposit when they need to dispose of items that were left behind. Also, you may want to make sure you don’t forget anything special that was put away. So make sure you check everything. When you move your things out and you are confident that your apartment is clean, ask a friend to check it out.


Do small things like filling nail or screw holes on the wall. Also, replaced damaged light covers. If you have accidentally broken one in the process of your move, replace it. These are generally easy and inexpensive things to do. Do these and it will help a lot.

Walk your apartment

Walk your apartment basically check it. Be picky. Once you have done, a few days before you move, ask one of the leasing agents if they could walk the apartment with you. Remember they are busy taking care of lots of things so you may have to make an appointment. When they walk the apartment with you ask for advice and if they have any suggestions or if you overlooked something. Keep in mind they do this often, so take what they tell you as constructive criticism. Also, when they tell you something you missed it gives you the opportunity to fix it and closer to getting your deposit.

I payed a low deposit, do I still need to clean?

Yes! If you were not required to pay a deposit, that means your credit was good.  You want to make sure that it stays that way.  You also don’t want to receive a bill because the expense to clean your apartment is more than your deposit.  Remember, clean, fix, and walk the apartment with a leasing agent.

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