Relocating to San Antonio Texas

There is great excitement in Relocating to San Antonio Texas.  A new chapter in your life is about to open and many changes are going to occur.  To make this transition a smooth one must take certain steps to prepare.  Like finding a new San Antonio apartment.  Here is a helpful tip to assist you in making that choice.

How do you chose what price you want to pay when relocating to San Antonio, Texas?

Prices range greatly depending on many things such as location, age of the property, and supply and demand.  Many apartments will ask that your monthly income is three times the monthly rent.  They will ask for proof of income.  It is very important that you have access to this information to provide the apartments with documentation.  Have the one of the following pieces information handy: fax, phone or email of your employer or HR department, or your four most recent pay-stubs.

How do I prove my income if I am relocating to San Antonio Texas?

If your employer is transferring you to a new location your situation is very good.  You have employment, employment history, and a salary.  If you’re relocating to San Antonio, Texas to start a new job you want to ask your employer for an offer letter.  Most San Antonio apartments will ask that the letter is on company letter head with the company contact information.  It needs to have the date you are starting your employment with the company, your position and your level of compensation.  In the event that you are relocating to San Antonio, Texas and employment has not been secured we can still assist you.  In this case, we may have to ask a few questions to explore other possibilities such as asking for a co-signer to help you to get an apartment.

Relocating to San Antonio?   For the latest and greatest in apartment specials,prices and availability, call 210-236-9862.  Ask to speak to one of our friendly apartment locators and begin your free San Antonio apartment search today.


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