San Antonio Apartment floor plans

When we are helping a renter look for a San Antonio apartment, we are asked, “Do you have an townhomes or lofts?” And the answer is yes, but after asking a few more questions we realize that the loft or townhome floor plan is not what the customer had in mind. After asking a few more questions we find out that the lofts and townhomes are sometimes being used interchangeably. Easy thing to fix, however we want to exceed your expectations and want to send you to the places that have what you are looking for.  The following are some of the more popular San Antonio floor plans that cause a bit of confusion; these are lofts, townhome, studios and split level apartments.

What is a loft?

A loft is an apartment with high ceilings that has a partial second floor.  The apartment has a half wall and gives it a balcony feel.  The apartments generally give the illusion of having more space.  On the other hand, having a half wall upstairs eliminates the option of blocking out sound or having a bit of privacy.  This can be an issue when you have visitors that may stay a while.  We have many lofts for rent in the San Antonio area. Come pick from the many options, we have loft that are luxurious, renovated and industrial style. Lofts tend to be a bit higher in price than regular apartments because of the added privacy and space it provided, but give us a call and we will find something that works in your budget.

San Antonio apartments loft floor plan

What is a townhome?

A townhome is a two-story apartment.  In this floor plan, you have the entire second floor and there are rooms upstairs that have walls and doors. One of the main perks of having this type of floor plan is that in most cases you don’t have an upstairs or downstairs neighbor. This is a very popular floor plan in San Antonio. Townhouses have a bit of a premium than that of regular apartments and there are some that have a small fenced yard.  If a townhome is what you want to rent but are not quite sure what apartment complexes have that floor plan call us, we can help.

San Antonio apartments townhome floor plan

What is a Studio or efficiency apartment?

Studio and efficiency apartments for the most part in San Antonio are used interchangeably.  This is a small apartment.  Usually, these apartments don’t have a living room or a dining area.  You only have a bedroom. These apartments have a very small restroom and a very small kitchen.   The upside is that these apartments are very inexpensive.

San Antonio apartments efficiency studio floorplan

What is a Split level apartment?

A split level apartment has an area of the apartment that is a bit elevated.  Usually, it is about a three to six steps.  In most cases used to give a division between bedrooms and the living and dining areas.  This is a great looking floor plan and has a very modern feel.

San Antonio apartments split level floor plan








Apartment Locators

These are the more common San Antonio apartment floor plans.   If you’re thinking of moving to San Antonio and need an apartment, consider using an apartment locator.  We are a free service and we will make your apartment finding experience a pleasant one.  Just meet with us and we will find you the apartment that matches your list of wants and needs. So if you are trying to stay close to work, under a certain price point or just need a place now we are here to help.  We work in most of San Antonio like the medical center, UTSA, Downtown, stone oak, Sea World area, Randolph AFB and Fort Sam, just to name  a few. For any apartment locating questions call us at 210-236-9862.  We will help you find your next apartment home.

San Antonio apartment floor plans