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Tricia Del Valle Brown, Real Estate Agent comes to Bucks to move with over 30 years of experience in management and customer service. Before discovering her passion to practice real estate, Tricia earned her associate’s degree in Business Administration. A true trailblazer has worked alongside her family for over 30 Years in the family’s restaurant and during this time worked to open her clothing store that is currently still operating in Belize and has a strong online presence.   Tricia was drawn to a career in real estate for growth opportunities, meeting new people, and discovering new challenges. At a very young age, Tricia learned through experience the skills it takes to sell a vision and how to truly listen to the needs and wants of her clients. Her past fields were the perfect platform for launching a successful career. Tricia relocated from her home country of Belize, and now calls San Antonio her home!  

Tricia now plans to use her life experiences and talents towards helping renters find their apartment of their dreams.  Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a great addition to our apartment locating team.  She is committed to providing the best customer service in our industry.  Call 323-477-0212 today and have Tricia find you your next San Antonio Apartment. 

Tricia is a mom to three beautiful children. She is a devoted mom in caring for her children, especially with two having special needs. In her free time, Tricia enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and outdoor activities. She also enjoys going to church, and spending quality time with her new friends in San Antonio.  


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