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Remember the San Antonio apartment market is changing constantly. Having an apartment locator will make the process faster and easier for you. Don’t spend days online, making calls and touring apartments that may not work for you. Just call Bucks to Move and our apartment locators will work hard to help you find your next apartment Home.

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Don’t spend days online, making calls and touring apartments that may not work for you.

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We are Real Estate agents that specialize in helping you find the best San Antonio Apartment for the best price. Our services are FREE to you and we’re available today to connect with you. As Real Estate agents that concentrate in apartment locating, we are informed about what incentives apartments are running at this time.

Our knowledgeable apartment locators will make you our number one priority and match you to the property that best describes your needs. Furthermore, we are diligent about saving you time, money and stress. We call before sending you, verifying that the specials, vacancies, and prices are current. Having a San Antonio apartment locator will help you in asking the right questions and send you only to the apartment communities that will assist you in any special requirements you might have. In appreciation for using our services we will provide you with a $50 Gift Card.

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apartment deals in san antonioFinding a new apartment is a big job, especially in a large metropolitan area like San Antonio TX. With so many neighborhoods, so many kinds of homes, and so many steps in the process, it can be hard to know where to even start.

Let us make it easier: Start with us!

We’re real estate agents based in San Antonio. We specialize as apartment finders: we search for the right San Antonio homes for prospective renters. And we offer our apartment locator service to you for free!

Save your energy: Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for, and we will take it from there. You don’t need to have the same conversation or answer the same questions time and again.

Save your time: Don’t waste precious hours browsing countless San Antonio or TX apartment sites. Don’t waste days on the phone, emails, or building tours that might not yield a match. Let us free you up to concentrate on planning your move!

Save your money: Let us connect you with San Antonio TX residences that offer discounts or incentives, so you can hold onto your hard-earned cash.

How it works:

You complete our short questionnaire. We’ve learned what our apt locators need to know from you to find you the right location, space, and amenities in San Antonio.  Our apartment locators will search our extensive and up-to-date database of San Antonio apartments to find the homes that could really work for you.  Our finders will create a short list of the best options for you, and we will get in touch with those properties to confirm that the details are right.  Then we’ll provide the list to you, and you can take it from there!

Free Apartment Finder in San Antonio

We know you will learn during this search process, and you are apt to change your mind about some details. If your requirements change, tell our apt locators! We can search for a different San Antonio neighborhood, a different price point, different amenities. That’s part of the finder service. Our free apt finder service covers all of San Antonio TX, from downtown to outlying communities like the far North East.

How do we do this for free?

We don’t have to charge renters a dime for our searches because we are also serving San Antonio apartment complexes, and that’s how we get paid.

If you think about it, apartment locators benefit everyone involved:
– You, the renter, get matched with appropriate homes at no out-of-pocket cost. You might even save money with specials.
– The apartment complex loves to spend marketing money on referral fees for qualified applicants rather than on ads that might not find renters.
– And we get paid those referral fees for doing what we love!

Best San Antonio Apartment Locator

Let our apartment finders match you with a residence you’ll love. We’ve got you covered even if you’ll be sharing your new home with a pet.

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“Oscar was very helpful and attentive during my search. I highly recommend his services. His call back times were within minutes.” Virgina S.

“Oscar was very helpful in finding my apartment. At first, he sent me available apartments and called them for me. Even when I changed my mind about Location. He was happy to update my search requirements…” April T.

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