Move in Specials


What is a move in special?

It is a discount that the apartments offer to the tenant.  Some San Antonio apartments offer a discount for the first month.  Most will require that you commit to a one year lease. Among the most popular move in specials are the “Look and lease special” and the “total move in special”.

The “Look and Lease special”.  This means once you see the apartment or the model they ask that you commit the apartment within a time that has been set by the apartments.  If you commit within that time you get the “Look and lease special”.  If you don’t the price may go back to the regular rates and you miss out on the special.

Another popular Move in special, is the “Total Move in Special”.  In this case, they will run the special for a week or until they decide to change it.  This one does not expire but take advantage of it soon.  The apartments may run out of the floor plan that you want and you may miss out on the opportunity.  They are other move in specials that are available at different times but these are among the most popular.

How long do Move in Specials last?

Move in specials vary from apartment to apartment. They are available for a short time and in some cases are removed at at moments notice.  Also, keep in mind that other people are looking at the apartments and you may miss out if you don’t commit before they do.  Remember, If you like the apartment, the special and the price, take it.

What kind of move in specials are available?

There are several. Some of the most popular are the Look and Lease special, TMI or Total Move in Special, Preferred employer discounts, and military discounts.

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