Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • Our service is 100% free to our Customers
  • Fast Friendly Service
  • Free Consultations
  • You are our #1 Priority
  • Military Discount
  • Employee Discount
  • Knowledgeable Agents that will Listen
  • Receive a $50.00 Gift Card
Are Your San Antonio Apartment Locating Services Really FREE?

They sure are! Bucks to Move Apartment Locating is a free service. The apartments don’t raise the price of the rent or remove any of the promotions you may qualify for. In fact by using our service, you will benefit.   Apartments market to us and keep us informed about the promotions that are being offered. We know about preferred employer discount, military discounts, and the latest move in specials.

If Your San Antonio Apartment Locating Service Are Free, How Are You Compensated?

The San Antonio apartment you choose will pay us a referral fee that comes out of their marketing budget. Just remember to write: “Bucks to Move Apartment Locating” and your apartment locator’s name on the guest card and lease application.

How Can Bucks To Move Help Me Find My Apartment?

First, we will save you time, by sending you only to the properties that are going to have what you want, when you need it and for the price you’re willing to pay for it. Second, we will save you money. San Antonio apartments are always marketing to apartment locators and we know where the specials are.  In other words, you’re not going to be spinning your wheels and needlessly.   Third, we minimize your stress. Searching for an apartment is time consuming and can be very stressful, especially if you are in a time crunch. So call us and let us make finding your next San Antonio apartment fast and easy.

How Soon Should I Start Looking?

Most San Antonio apartments require a 30 day notice, so you want to start looking four to six weeks before your move-in date.  If you need to move in sooner than 30 days call us ASAP.  Remember, the longer you wait the more difficult it gets to find the San Antonio apartment that matches your criteria.

How Fast Can You Find An Apartment?

Fast! First, we meet with you and eliminate all the San Antonio apartments that do not match your criteria. Second, we call the San Antonio apartment and verify that everything is current. Finally, we tour the apartments and apply with your favorite one.

How Long Does It Take For An Application To Be Processed?

San Antonio apartments have to gather a lot of information prior to accepting a tenant. This process can take a few hours or three days. This can vary from apartment to apartment, however, we can expedite the process by having the most current contact information from previous landlords, employers and personal references.

What Are The Common Qualifications To Lease?

You need to earn three times the rent, have good rental history and you need to pass a criminal back ground check.

What Is Considered Good Rental History?

Most San Antonio apartments will ask that you have no broken leases or evictions. If you do have a broken lease or eviction there are some properties that will work with it but they will require you pay an additional deposit or a fee.

I Just Relocated Here Due To A Job And Am New To San Antonio. Can I Get An Apartment?

Yes, give us a call and we will find you the apartment that will work with your situation.

If I Had A Misdemeanor In My Past Will The Apartment Work With Me?

Every San Antonio apartment is going run a criminal background check. Although many apartments in San Antonio may decline you if you have misdemeanors or felonies, we know of the ones that will work with you.  It all depends on the nature of the incident and how long ago it happened. Give us a call and we can discuss some options.

I Have A Big Dog. Can You Find An Apartment For Me?

Absolutely! Although most apartments accept small pets,  we do have San Antonio apartments that have no weight restrictions.

I Have A Pet That Is Considered An Aggressive Breed.

Although these pets are difficult to place, we have a list of apartments that have no breed restrictions and we can help you.

Do You Have Town Homes And Lofts?

Yes! These floor plans located within apartment communities. The advantages to being in an apartment community are lower deposits, on-site leasing and maintenance staff.

Do You Have Duplexes And Houses For Rent?

Yes we do. Call us and we will find you your next rental house or duplex.

Can I Buy A House Through You?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to buy a house today or want to lease for a year or two, we are here to assist you. Whether you need a new home, or a pre-owned home we can help. Most of our customers are interested in eventually getting out of an apartment and into a house, so call us today and ask us how to get started.

What Location Do I Choose When Moving To San Antonio Texas?

Some of the more popular locations are Downtown, Medical center, Alamo Heights, Stone Oak and UTSA areas, just to name a few. You let your San Antonio apartment locator know where you want to live and we will find you an apartment in the area.