Moving Tips & Resources

Why Apartment Prices Change Often

Why apartment prices change often? Many times, people who are looking for an apartment have mentioned that prices are different than what they were told or read. Sometimes this leads to confusion. Here are some of the most common reasons why apartment prices change...

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What is TMI

Interested In Learning About A TMI? In the apartment locating industry, TMI refers to Total Move-In Special. With a TMI, you can expect your first month’s rent, deposit, application, and administration fee to total a specific amount on move-in day. For example, an...

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What is a Broken Lease

What is a Broken Lease It basically means an apartment is saying that you did not fulfill your agreement.  How does this take place?  There are many ways you can get a broken lease on their credit, but here are some of the most common. Broken Leases One example of a...

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