What is TMI?

A TMI as it pertains to the apartment locating industry means Total Move in Special. This means that on the day of your move in, your first month’s rent, deposit, application and administration fee will total a certain amount.

For example, an apartment is ofering a $199 TMI.  199.00 is all you will pay when you choose an apartment that is running that promotion.

EX1  With TMI:       Application+ Administration+ Deposit+ Rent= $199

EX2  With out TM:I 55.00/person+ $100.00+ $100.00+ $645.00= $900.00

TMI = Big Savings

Move in specials change on a regular basis.  One day you apartments may be offering a $99 total move in special and the next day a $299 total move-in specials. Apartment promotions change often and without warning.  So we call to make sure that the special is still in effect. Also, if you visit a property today and don’t commit by giving a deposit and application you may lose the window of opportunity for that move in special. Remember what is here today may not be here tomorrow. So, If you like it, lease it.

How long of a lease do I need to sign?

If you are getting a Total Move in Special, most apartments will ask for a commitment of one year.  There are some that ask for 9 months or 18 months.  If you think you’re not moving to another city you may try to get the longest lease you can.  In this case you lock your low price for a longer time.

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