Why apartment prices change often? Many times, people who are looking for an apartment have mentioned that prices are different than what they were told or read. Sometimes this leads to confusion. Here are some of the most common reasons why apartment prices change often.

Apartments Prices

When apartment locators or leasing professionals inform you that prices change every day, that is not an exaggeration. Some apartments have started using a technology that assists them with setting a price for the apartments. The program is a revenue management system and changes in price occur faster than they have in previous years. This program takes many factors into account, such as when you’re moving, length of lease term, and how many apartments are available, just to name a few. If the apartments are using this system generally they will quote you and that price has an expiration date. With this system, if you like the price and the apartment you need to take it ASAP. Also, having a quote only secures the price for that specific apartment. So, if someone else takes that unit, you will need to get a new quote.  This is one reason why apartment prices change often.

Changes to Area

Another reason why apartment prices change often is Market changes.  Market changes in the industry play a big part in prices going up. If there is a change in the area and more apartments are needed, prices will go up. For example, more people decide to move to the area due to a new company opening up or there is something new attracting renters to the area.
Also, if a new apartment complex opens up in the area that may sometimes drive prices up. The apartments will run a rental analysis to determine where they fall in the pricing scale. Base on the research they will determine if prices need to go up or down.
Renovation or changes to the apartment complex is another item that may drive prices to go higher. Usually, apartments have to renovate to make the apartments look more updated. If a new apartment with great amenities opens the preexisting apartments may be forced to keep up. These renovations may cause them to raise prices a bit more than what was normal for them.

Why are prices wrong?

Prices are not wrong, they just change very often. Sometimes renters will jump on a website not knowing how often it is updated. The renter loves the picture, loves the price and gets excited. They rush to visit the property only to find those prices were from last month and are no longer valid. This sometimes causes frustration and confusion to the renter. As an Apartment locator, part of the service I provide is on the day or the day before you visit I check the prices. As mentioned apartment prices change often and we want to avoid surprises.

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