What is a Broken Lease

 What is a Broken Lease?

What is a Broken Lease?  One example of a broken lease is not completing your agreement with the apartment.   If you agreed to a six month lease and only paid rent for four months, you have a broken lease.  Another example of a broken lease is not giving the apartment proper notice.  In most contracts you agree to give the apartment proper notice to vacate.  All apartments have their own policies but it ranges from a 30- 60 day notice.  The last example of a broken lease is if you owe an apartment a balance due to damages or an unpaid bill such as water.  These are probably the most common way to get a broken lease.

Bucks to Move Apartment locators can help if you have a broken lease.  We have an inventory of apartments in San Antonio that work with broken leases.  All San Antonio apartments have different policies and everyone’s situation is unique.  If you have a broken lease you will want to meet with one of our professionals so we can match you with the apartment that is able to work with your circumstance.


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